Amychophilia is the fetish of people who get aroused by being scratched with long nails.

Often used in a sensual context, amychophilia is meant to describe the pleasure derived from being scratched.

scratching clawsNot to be confused with "onychophilia" which is the fetish for long nails.
Also not the same as "amychesis" which is the act of scratching your partner.

Often the scratching enthusiast will be attracted to women with long nails, obviously letting his or her imagination run wild about how these claws could be applied to them.

For a long time, amychophilia devotees hid their passion from their partner.
It's not always easy to admit your fetish and even harder to find a woman with the long nails needed to satisfy the worshiper of claw scratching.

Well rest assured you are not alone!

Scratching addicts can find solace and satisfaction in knowing that there is now a forum where you can both express themselves, interact with other fellow long nail admirers and enjoy the sight of beautiful long nails that haunt their dreams.

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